Nidaros IT Consultancy provides IT consultants in the field of information analysis, software development and test management. Our years of expertise in the field of ICT have resulted in a nice portfolio of satisfied customers. We work throughout the Netherlands and can solve short ICT projects for you or second one of our consultants to you for a longer period of time. For process optimisation, workflow management, test management, software development and information analysis, you have come to the right place.

Specialist in optimizing your business processes

Automation is primarily about the flow of information within your organisation. We are convinced that this is not about automation, but about supporting and/or improving work processes, in which ICT and technology are tools.

We apply the following process to this:

Analysis – Integration – Automation

In order to provide maximum support to our customers, we have focused the pillars on four specific areas of knowledge, namely:

  • Software development
  • Information Analysis
  • Test Management
  • Business Process Management

Automate your business processes

Nidaros helps you to integrate your business processes based on proven technology. We analyse repetitive activities within your company and ensure that these activities are fully automated by our ‘virtual’ employee. This process is called Robotic Process Automation, in short RPA.

Read more about ‘What is RPA’ here?

Saving costs on your business processes

Our virtual employee can be deployed between existing applications but also between applications of different companies. The deployment of our virtual employee creates a cost-saving solution for you, allowing you and your colleagues to focus more on your core business. Let’s be clear: we don’t change your current processes, we just place ‘something’ between them.

Your company is growing but you are reluctant to take on extra staff?

Make an appointment with us to discuss how we can automate your business processes. You will most likely not need to hire (extra) staff. We use a so-called virtual employee for processes within your company. This employee is robot-controlled and is not visible. And yet this virtual employee has many advantages:

  • Doesn’t get sick
  • Does not go on holiday
  • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)
  • You do not owe any wages (including labour costs!).
  • Ensures that the work can be done in the Netherlands (do not move to low-wage countries).
  • Brings client and supplier close together

Personal dashboard

In order to keep you informed of your business processes and the processing of the activities, in addition to our virtual employee, we also supply the Spider, your own dashboard and reporting tool with which you can set up your company or organisation in a better and more efficient manner.

In order to support your organization to the maximum, we have the possibility to develop links, but also to offer server space and hosting. In recent years we have built up a customer base in which we help our customers with the development of the website, webshop and cross-platform apps. These developments are managed and hosted on our own server park.

You can also use the Consultancy unit within Nidaros. Experienced RPA specialists can temporarily support your organization.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you! Feel free to contact us.