Discovery session

Isn’t it a question anymore if Robotic Process Automation – RPA – can get more value out of your organization? But isn’t it clear yet which processes are suitable and can actually lead to savings in time and money? Do you actually need a clear business case? For those and more situations, Nidaros offers a suitable answer: a Discovery session.

The Discovery session is in fact a voyage of discovery through all the processes within your organization. The extent to which the processes are RPA proof determines whether your organization is suitable and which processes really benefit from the implementation of RPA. In one day it will be clear what information flows there are in the organization, how this data now streamlines the processes, if and where this could be done more efficiently. We also take a close look at the current applications in real time. This allows us to easily determine whether the data and processes used are structured and therefore usable for RPA.

Business case

We are building a business case with different scenarios. It is easy to deduce from this what happens in your organisation when you turn on the automation buttons. The business case consists of the design (and construction) costs of the software, the possible annual savings, the amount of time needed to achieve the best possible result, the expected success and expected additional work. This business case provides clear insight into the ROI (Return On Investment).

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