ICT Academy

The power of the ICT Academy

  • With knowledge from business, education and students, we come up with refreshing solutions;
  • Innovation requires knowledge and vision from companies that discover new opportunities and technologies in the market;
  • Creativity of students and knowledge of new technology is what makes it successful;
  • A work & learning environment in which students acquire demand-driven knowledge;
  • Students are trained for your company, so that the knowledge remains available in our region.

If you have a project for our students, we offer you three variants:

  • Innovative projects: your organization wants to experiment with a prototype without a commercial revenue model. In these projects, the ICT companies guide the students. This guarantees the quality and continuity of the prototype.
  • On-the-job projects: do you have an ICT question that is simple, such as developing a website, information processing or an app? Is there no financial room to outsource these commercially? These small projects for associations, freelancers, foundations, etc., are very suitable to be carried out by students, under the supervision of a scrum master.
  • Students are trained specifically for your organization.

A figurehead for the North of the Netherlands

The ICT-Academy has the ambition to become the ICT figurehead for Hoogeveen as a very business-oriented programme in the north (east) of the Netherlands.
In addition, our goal is to support companies and institutions in the region with ICT projects. By linking students to these projects, they are confronted on a daily basis with the technological knowledge and developments.
Our next goal is to get HBO students within the ICT-Academy. The contacts with various universities of applied sciences have been made and discussions for a structural cooperation are already taking place. More information can be found here: http://www.itdynamic.nl