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Nidaros focuses on new techniques and ‘new business’ and/or startups. These are mainly techniques and/or ideas that are at the beginning of broad acceptance.

In order to give these techniques and ideas a chance, a unique collaboration has been started: Industry – Training – IT companies – Government

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Nidaros IT Consultancy provides IT consultants in the field of information analysis, software development and test management. Our years of expertise in the field of ICT have resulted in a nice portfolio of satisfied customers. We work throughout the Netherlands and can solve short ICT projects for you, or second one of our consultants to you for a longer period of time. For process optimisation, workflow management, test management, software development and information analysis, you have come to the right place.

In order to provide maximum support to our clients, we have focused our pillars on four specific areas of knowledge, namely:

  1. Software development
  2. Information analysis
  3. Test management
  4. Business Process Management

Would you like to know more about how our consultants can contribute to your business processes? Please feel free to contact us.

Hosting and support

  • Are you looking for a partner who can host your website including the corresponding system or applications?
  • Do you have a website that is not suitable for a standard server because of the high data consumption?
  • Do you want to access applications via a remote server so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance and/or management?
  • Do you want to make sure that software and applications are in a safe place?
    Nidaros specialises in the total hosting of websites, systems and applications. Specifically the hosting of a lot of data traffic. Our servers are designed for the management of complex websites and systems.

Access to the server and level of management

  • VPS Virtual Private Server. This means that your own software is on the Nidaros server. The software can be accessed with your own login details.
  • SAAS | Applications are on the Nidaros server. You can access them online. We take care of the installation, maintenance and management.
  • Application management | We also take care of the complete management of applications that run through our server. This means that the complete maintenance and management is in the hands of Nidaros. This guarantees a fast service.

We have 100% of our servers under our own management. This guarantees optimal service. We constantly monitor our servers by means of internal and external checks. This enables us to respond quickly in the event of possible calamities. If you choose our hosting services, we will lay down the conditions by means of an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Support and Service
With our support tool you can easily create tickets to report questions, problems or bugs. Here you can always see the progress of current questions.

Advantages of hosting via Nidaros:

  • Certainty of a safe environment
  • Link between the systems you want
  • Installation, management and maintenance of applications
  • Server management for 100% in our own hands
  • Constant monitoring of servers and applications