RoboPlatform is a software solution developed by ING Poland for building and managing process robots. It is an environment that supports the design of robotic solutions and offers flexible management for users. As an RPA expert, Nidaros is your partner to use RoboPlatform to robotise your business processes.

Why RoboPlatform?

ING Poland has broad and long experience in the use of robotics. This has led Nidaros, together with ING Poland, to make RoboPlatform accessible to everyone who wants to implement RPA in business processes. Nidaros wants to use the more than 10 years of experience that ING and Nidaros have gained with RoboPlatform to help its customers and ING’s customers enter the world of robotics. RoboPlatform – a new RPA-class software – is there for you too!

RoboPlatform supports both attended and unattended modes. In attended mode, robots are virtual real-time assistants that support people and significantly improve their capabilities by performing repetitive tasks faster and more reliably. In unattentive mode, processes can be activated without human intervention – robots work on the basis of a schedule or trigger 24/7. Both modes are widely used in different industries around the world.

RoboPlatform is easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. Robots can be made from predefined components. To respond to specific needs, solutions can be developed using more advanced modules. The tool contains three components – Portal used for management purposes, Studio – for development and use of robots and RPA Agent – to use robots unattended.

RoboPlatform enables users to create pre-defined components that form a substantial part of the application – this means that the RoboPlatform community of robotics developers develop separate modules of their own. This community makes the tool self-learning for each organization.

RoboPlatform meets the highest safety requirements.

Enabling people to stay one step ahead in their work.
ING’s strategy is based on empowerment and the promise to make banking clear and easy, available anytime, anywhere and ever better. Nidaros thinks beyond traditional banking and develops new services for our customers. Discover RoboPlatform – be a step ahead!

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  • Flexibility for beginners and advanced users
  • The highest security standards in the banking sector

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