Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables companies to automate processes in such a way that recurring (repetitive) tasks can easily be carried out by robots. With the same software that the employee also uses, but 24/7 and error-free. Nidaros developed the Spider to monitor the robot’s actions and the progress of the processes involved. It is an – independent – software tool, an ‘intelligent workload manager’ that helps organizations to get the most out of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Not only by making optimal use of automated processes. Also by simultaneously gaining more insight into the yield of processes through monitoring. A dashboard gives you real-time, complete insight into the quality of processes and the performance of your robot. Adjusting becomes easier and can be done faster.

Tackling processes together

We use the Spider to set up a ‘smart factory’ – with not only your own employees, but also a virtual employee. This allows you to create your own distribution centre in a very simple way. If you do it this way, using and based on all the knowledge we have acquired, then your ‘smart factory’ will actually run 24/7 with maximum yield.

Being and staying in control

With our Spider, you stay in control when it comes to..:

  • Building processes
  • Managing SLA
  • Distributing work across the robot landscape
  • Gaining insight into performance and cost savings
  • Real-time information about processing
  • Respond proactively to incidents and problems

The most important advantages at a glance are:

  • Increased efficiency (optimal use of robots, simultaneous operation of several processes, optimal use of RPA tools and increasing speed of action)
  • Functional reports (insight into the availability of the robots, the course of the process, predictions based on workload, structural incident management)
  • Transparency (increasing insight into the course of processes, automatic recording of actions within processes and the traceability per individual process)
  • Savings (fewer RPA operators needed and a higher yield through the use of robots)

Even if you have already robotised your processes, our Spider can still be of excellent service to you. This software independent tool can be used for almost any robot landscape.

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